Cultural Activities
Occasionally ,different cultural and literal activities are continouly being held in the college for the overall personalty development of the student .These activities are very much helpful for the are of speech,represent themselves on the stage and gradually the lose their hesitation and stagefobia .we also try to highlight there talents of singing,acting,playing musical instrument drawing ,painting art of organize workshops for dances ,theatre and other.In this way we find good result when the university organizes the youth festival every year In 2004-2005 our student Rajini Rai represented debate competition at university level in the youth festival. In the same way ravindra shashtri,Sumit Jain,Deepak Agrawal,ArpitTiwari ,Nehal Naidu,Priya Divakar,Goldi Singh Bal,Shikha Sen and so many student participated in the youth festivals every year in different activities and represented at district and university level.