Our inspiration late Dr. Vijai Lall

Born on: 28th September 1933
Died on: 19th may 1993
“The man whose name we proudly bore”

There are thousands of people born and die in our country everyday but only a handful make their mark by establishing milestones and writing or changing the history around them in their own way no matter where they have been. So you can say there are two types of history makers one paves the path with rage war or destruction creating hysteric fearsome terrorist who hates themselves thus the whole world, another with love, patience and deep rooted conviction of understanding cerate a better world and opportunities for the people around them. These exceptional people build the inroads and bridges for the next generation to reach the next level of excellence in big or small things, which matters in life.

Late Dr. Vijai Lall as an educationist, great Christian and social leader, tremendous orator, passionate social reformist, writer (7 books), poet (two books), exceptional bilingual and tender hearted giver to the needy humanity is our example who aspires us to do our best and give our best to the society and country thus live a fulfilled life by attaining our highest potential and setting our priorities right.
Dr. Vijai Lall Memorial College is a homage, a dedicated honored tribute by his eldest son Mr. Rajkamal David Lall, to instill his dad Dr. Vijai Lall’s memories and values in the hearts and lives of the coming generation of his birth and work place Damoh.

Late Dr. Vijai Lall was the first born in the family of dedicated educationist late Mr. S.P. Lall who was the head master of Mission Middle School Damoh and later started the mission higher secondary school thus retire as the founder principal of present Mission Higher Secondary School of Damoh late Dr. Vijai Lall had 7 university degrees, one in Education from Butler University Indianapolis U.S.A. He also had the privilege to meet our country’s pride late Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan personally in context with his Ph. D. in political science. Dr. Krishnan had given him only 10 minutes initially but kept talking to Dr. Vijai Lall for about an hour!! He had such fascinating person and mastery in all fields of knowledge. Long before he went to be with the Lord God he said, “More then building buildings believe people”. What an inspiring testimony.

Dr. Lall had started his carrier as a science lecturer of high school then became superintendent in-charge of all 57 schools of Disciple’s of Christ (ICCDC mission) in three states of central India but he was a man of vision and strong principals who never compromised even at the cost of quitting his job and starting a new carrier and mission now known as the Mid India Christian Mission and Nav Jagriti Education Society with a kinder garden school which had only 17 children and one teacher at the age of 35 years, it sure was a tough beginning while he was at the peak of his former carrier. Today the Nav Jagriti School has more then 2000 students in full fleged English and Hindi Medium K through 12 classes. The student of this prestigious institute excel in all fields making and breaking their own record on state level competitive exams and the mission’s work has adorned this small city with due respect in the world map of humanitarian services.

Dr. Vijai Lall has the credit to start the first English Medium School and also the first Eye Hospital with mobile unit for the district as that time Damoh considered one of the most backward districts of India this man of vision and dedicated determination wanted to make it a better place in his own lifetime and also inspire the next generation to do so. As the time passed his vision got clearer to his own and extended family to give an opportunity and resources to less privileged to compete with the world. Holding on to our good moral values and adjusting by the use of best technological advancement and knowledge. So his two sons Rajkamal David Lall and Ajai Lall along with extended family caught his vision and got busy to color the dream rainbow of Dr. Vijai Lall adding and mixing their own creativity with their resources and potential in changing and adoring the face of Damoh.

This has created a legacy for a common person of a small town to dream bigger and aspire higher to make one’s own world, country and community a better place really something worthy of pride for the generations to come.

Our deepest gratitude with heartfelt salute to late Dr. Vijai Lall for setting an example through his life’s teaching thus our tribute with our college’s motto

Vishwas, Vijai, Vikas, Faith, Progress, in over of God and our inner strength evil atrocities and adversities one’s self Communities, country’s and worlds